Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
10 February 2023

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria 

English UK would like to express our sympathy for our partner agencies, students and staff who have been affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on 6 February and subsequent aftershocks. Around 30,000 are now believed to have lost their lives with countless others suffering injuries or losing their homes.  

Many members of the wider English UK family may have loved ones who have been seriously affected by this disaster and we believe our industry will pull together to be supportive.  

One way to provide practical help is through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal, which is raising money to provide emergency shelter, medical aid, blankets, heating, clothes, food and clean water in the affected regions which are home to 17m people. Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed and survivors are facing freezing conditions.  

Please donate, if possible. 


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