Our manifesto for the next UK government
7 May 2024

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Our manifesto for the next UK government

Our new manifesto explains how the next UK government can support the UK's English language teaching sector.

English UK's chief executive Jodie Gray said:

'UK ELT could contribute so much more to the UK's economy, healthcare system and international relations with just a few small policy changes which only a government can make.'

'We believe all of our six recommendations could be adopted by any political party without major cost or compromise, and we will use these to campaign into the general election and beyond.'

Our six policy recommendations

We have six simple policy recommendations for the next government. If implemented, they would enable our industry to do more for the UK.

The six recommendations:

  • Expand career-enhancing travel opportunities for young people by expanding the Youth Mobility Scheme
  • Legalise short work placements on all ELT courses
  • Extend ID card travel for groups of under-18s from the EU.
  • Recognise UK ELT's accreditation scheme for immigration purposes
  • Increase government marketing support for UK ELT
  • Increase rent-a-room relief to help address our capacity challenge

> Read our manifesto (pdf)

Why UK ELT matters

Our sector is already a valuable export industry that supports regional economies, prepares NHS and care staff and builds relationships across the globe.

We could contribute so much more with these policy changes.

Parliamentary reception on Thursday 16 May

We will launch the manifesto at our parliamentary reception in the House of Commons on Thursday 16 May.

English UK members and other stakeholders including sector service providers, study travel agents and embassy representatives will network with MPs, Lords and civil servants to raise the profile of our sector and our policy needs. 

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