English UK looking forward to working with new government
5 July 2024

English UK looking forward to working with new government

We congratulate Labour and Sir Keir Starmer on winning the election and forming the new government. And we will strive to build close working relationships in the coming weeks and months.  

Jodie Gray, our chief executive, said:

"English UK will continue to campaign for a supportive business environment for UK ELT, which helps to build international relationships as well as boosting our nation's export revenue.  

"We have had good and close working relationships with elements of government in recent years, including through formal mechanisms such as the Education Sector Advisory Group run through the Department for Business & Trade and Department for Education as well as with civil servants in the Home Office and other departments.  

"We are optimistic that a new government will view some of the issues facing our industry with fresh eyes and that aspects of our operating environment will be improved. We are already grateful to Sir Keir Starmer for clarifying in a letter to members in his constituency that Labour's plans to make private school fees subject to VAT will not apply to ELT centres.  

"We'd like to congratulate Sir Keir and his party as well as all the other new MPs in the House. We will begin building relationships with them and encouraging our members to do so in the coming weeks." 

Issues on which English UK will continue to campaign include the six recommendations from our manifesto: 

1. Expand career-enhancing travel opportunities for young people 

2. Legalise short work placements on all ELT courses 

3. Extend ID card travel for groups of under 18s from the EU 

4. Recognise UK ELT's accreditation scheme for immigration purposes 

5. Increase government marketing support for UK ELT 

6. Increase rent-a-room tax relief to help address our capacity challenge 

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