The ability to manage needs to be encouraged, honed and supported!
25 February 2011

In today's world, where change is so constant and challenges need managing, an organisation can only reap the full benefits of good management if everyone is committed and skilled enough to cope.

In a unique double-session at this year's ELT Management Conference in Manchester, Helen Chambers be will be weaving together a unique blend of skills, covering problem-solving, brainstorming, team-building, personal effectiveness, systems and procedures, as well as internal and external communications.

Delegates will enjoy a practical, interactive and extended workshop focussing on a range of skills that will enable participants to manage personal networks; understand and tackle issues that arise in a day-to-day work scenario; better understand people; and increase issue resolution skills. It will cover listening, questioning, observation, summarising and providing feedback.

"While people may have excellent technical and professional skills and abilities, they are not necessarily 'natural born managers'- the ability to manage needs to be encouraged, honed and supported," says Helen Chambers, managing director of HJC Associates.

Participants will benefit in a number of ways, in understanding more about setting goals and objectives; agreement over success criteria; planning and supporting change; and developing processes and resources.

 "We understand that managing change – no matter how simple or extensive – is one of the biggest challenges that organisations face. People skills, communication skills, time management and decision-making cannot simply be picked up along the way."

Helen has more than 20 years experience in the training field and has worked at senior levels in the public and private sector. To attend Helen's in-depth training session at this year's ELT Management Conference, simply click here and fill out a registration form.


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