Accreditation UK: helping members to achieve excellence
28 February 2011

The strong interest from within the sector for self-improvement and continuous development at this year's ELT Management Conference in Manchester on 4 - 5 March 2011 is further evidence of the positive impact and wash back effects of the UK's national accreditation scheme, Accreditation UK. Two highly-respected inspectors and senior representatives of the Accreditation Unit will be leading sessions designed to help member centres to continue to improve their performance, efficiency and service.  

George Pickering will lead the closing plenary session by assessing what separates the excellent performers from the also-rans and will go on to identify key factors that make all the difference on both an organisational and personal level.

Jonathan Seath will analyse the reasons why some providers find it difficult to translate good intentions into change for the better and will provide a framework for self-evaluation, review and action-planning that will help to facilitate the process of review and improvement.

Finally, Liz McLaren (Head of the Unit) and William Callaway (Chair of ASAC) will discuss and seek views on potential new paths to self-evaluation that may be incorporated into the scheme over the next few years.

To secure your place at the ELT Management Conference, and for more information about the programme, please click here.


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