Sponsorship deal secures high-quality, low-cost English UK conferences
28 September 2016

English UK members can enjoy another year of high-quality professional conferences at the lowest possible cost thanks to a new sponsorship deal with Trinity College London.

This year's programme includes the revival of the Student Experience conference as well as a new series of webinars to help members get specialist training without travelling.

Sarah Cooper, chief executive of English UK, said she was delighted to renew the agreement. "Our supportive relationship with Trinity is one of the ways we bring high quality to our members without high costs, and we're very pleased that it is continuing."

Henry Tolley, head of business development (English language) at Trinity College London, said: "We're very happy to sign up to this sponsorship arrangement for the third year and to be able to support the whole spectrum of events for English UK members, from the Student Experience conference to the AGM."

The 2016-17 conference cycle begins on November 12 with the Teachers' Conference, to be held in London, followed by the Student Experience Conference later that month in Bournemouth and finally the Business English UK event in December.

In 2017, the Marketing Conference in London will be followed by the Management Conference in Edinburgh, the AGM and Annual Conference in Bristol and a Get Ready For Summer event in London.

A programme of training webinars is currently being arranged. Huan Japes, deputy chief executive of English UK, said this was in response to concerns raised during some member roadshows last year that it could be expensive for staff to travel to some training events. "Webinars aren't suitable for all the training courses we run, because working with colleagues can often be a very important element. But we're keen to offer some courses via webinar, to enable more of our members to take part," he said. 

"We understand that members would like more training close to where they are, but sometimes when we've organised courses there hasn't been enough uptake for them to run. This could be a very good solution to that problem in some cases."

Notes to Editors

  • English UK is the national association of accredited English language centres in the United Kingdom, with 450+ accredited ELT centres in membership from university and further education college language departments to international study centres and private sector colleges. English UK is a UK-registered charity with the primary aim of advancing the education of international students in the English language, in the home of the English language: englishuk.com
  • Trinity College London is an international exam board with a rich heritage of academic rigour and a positive, supportive approach to assessment, providing recognised and respected qualifications at all levels. At the heart of Trinity's work is support for teachers, both for teachers preparing candidates for our exams, and more general teacher development. This work with teachers is supported by a growing international network of relationships with key education institutions to ensure teachers have access to the best professional development available.
  • For more details, contact Huan Japes (huan@englishuk.com) or Henry Tolley (henry.tolley@trinitycollege.co.uk
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