English UK leads the way on ELT market data
28 March 2017

English UK is launching a new market intelligence service which will alert its members to trends and how they are performing in relation to competitors within weeks of each quarter ending.

The Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC) will bring a range of benefits to English UK members who take part, including professional analysis, quarterly high-quality and detailed reports, accurate information on different strands of ELT, and a quick turn-round.

The full report will be available to QUIC members only, but an executive summary will be provided for other English UK members and the wider industry.

English UK is the first national ELT organisation to collect and provide market information in such reliability and depth, and also the first to offer it as a professional service to support members in their operations and marketing.

"I am really excited to announce the launch of QUIC," said Sarah Cooper, English UK's chief executive. "We believe it will help participating members enormously, with access to the latest figures and detailed analysis of UK ELT and our source markets. Each report will arrive in good time for members to use it to tweak their planning and marketing, and they can also use the statistics to benchmark their own performance against similar centres."

English UK has commissioned StudentMarketing to process the raw data from QUIC members, delivering in-depth analysis and reports to participants within six weeks of each quarter's end.

StudentMarketing's head of research Patrik Pavlacic said QUIC had many advantages for English UK members. "In these uncertain times, they will have a unique opportunity to gain access to a timely influx of business intelligence which will help them keep abreast of trends and be ahead of competition - not having to wait until annual statistics are in to see possible shifts in the market," he said.

He said QUIC was "a considerable improvement" upon English UK's long-standing Core Statistics group, which required members to take part for three years at a time, with analysis done in-house. "It will deliver a regular package of business intelligence, featuring various breakdowns, comparisons and analysis - all in an easy-to-digest format.

"Furthermore, it will deliver insights into actual market performance and identify emerging trends. Individual centres will be able to compare themselves against market averages and adjust their offer and marketing accordingly. For the broader industry, it will represent yet another step towards a better documented maturing market, which will, in turn, elevate better story-telling, advocacy and lobbying."

English UK members have until Friday March 31 to sign up for QUIC at an annual fee of £250. There will then be once-yearly opportunities to join the scheme, with the first in December/January to sign up for 2018.


Notes to editors

1. English UK is the national association for English language teaching centres in the UK, with around 450 accredited centres in membership. It covers university and further education college language departments, international study centres in independent schools, educational trusts and charities, and private sector colleges. English UK is a UK registered charity (www.englishuk.com).

2. For more information contact Roz Rozidor (roz.rozidor@englishuk.com)


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