English and British Culture
23 April 2009

One good reason for studying English in the UK is to experience British culture. But sometimes that is hard to do if you only come to study for a week or two.

That's why one English centre has organised a special course - aimed at students aged over 50 - which includes lots of sightseeing and English experiences as well as language lessons. And it all happens in just two weeks.

English and Culture courses can include a trip to a factory making famous British jam, as well as days in London and Cambridge. You can eat fish and chips, drink in a real English pub, and visit a formal British garden.

The course can also include time spent in the countryside which inspired the British landscape painter John Constable.

Sarah Greatorex is principal of the Colchester English Study Centre which runs the course in May, September and October. "It tends to be popular with people who no longer have to work full time, and whose children have left home," she says.

"They want to do more than a language course - they want to find out more about the country."

The course is organised so that students at different levels of English can participate. The group is split up for language classes, so that students study with others of similar ability. They spend the rest of the time with other students on the English and Culture course.

For more information on the course, please click here.


Susan Young



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