This week's UK news: 19 June 2009
19 June 2009

Banned vegetables

A Royal Navy captain cheered the nation up this week when we heard he had banned Brussels sprouts from his warship.

Wayne Keble explained: “They are the Devil’s vegetable and the only thing I hate.”

Brussels sprouts are a traditional winter vegetable which look like tiny cabbages and are traditionally served with Christmas dinner. They can be awful when overcooked, which is why many people would agree with Captain Keble’s ban.

Banned meat

Pop stars, actors and fashion designers are backing a campaign for British people to stop eating meat on Mondays.

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is backing Meat-Free Monday, along with his daughters, actor Kevin Spacey and Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson. They say that cutting the amount of meat people eat will help the campaign against climate change.

Animals produce many of the gases which are making the planet get warmer.

Babies in the news

Doctors are officially advising women to have children before the age of 35.

The number of women having babies over the age of 40 has more than doubled in the past 20 years. But it is more difficult for women to become pregnant over the age of 35, and there are more problems for mothers and babies.

Doctors are worried that women think they can concentrate on careers and leave motherhood until later. They may then be unable to become pregnant, or suffer health problems if they do.

Meanwhile, a pub landlord has invented a baby sleepsuit which changes colour if the child is too hot. The Babyglow is now going on sale.

Not saving money

Women have been giving up their gym memberships to save money, and exercising at home instead.

But this is becoming expensive as well. British insurance companies say £1.3 billion of damage has been caused by people exercising in their homes, often using a Wii Fit.

13 million women now exercise at home, compared with 8.7 million who have a gym membership. The number of repair bills is six times higher than a year ago. 


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