This week's UK news: 16 August 2013
16 August 2013

English people not exercising enough

The Government recommends that to stay healthy, adults in England should exercise for half an hour at least 12 times a month. The government means a fast walk, or something which will make people breathe faster.

But research into a million people has found that almost ten per cent of adults hasn't even walked for five minutes without stopping once in the previous four weeks. Almost 80 per cent did not meet the government target of half an hour's exercise around three times a week, either. And 46 per cent hadn't even walked for half an hour for fun during the past four weeks.

Researchers found that adults with degrees were likeliest to exercise, and those without qualifications were three times likelier to do low levels of exercise or none at all. One of the researchers said the level of physical activity was "shockingly low". Several studies have suggested that the UK is one of the least physically active countries in Europe. More than a quarter of adults are seriously overweight, while more than a third of women and 44 per cent of men are overweight.

Historic church could collapse - because it's sitting on old bones

An ancient church in England could collapse, because the bones of 6,000 bodies buried under the floor have rotted away and left holes.

People were buried under the stone floor of Bath Abbey in Somerset for more than 300 years. Now the floor of the 500-year-old building is lifting and collapsing, and there are holes everywhere underneath. Bath Abbey is built on the remains of a much older church, and the church's engineers were looking for those to build a new floor. Instead they found holes everywhere, including under important parts of the building. Now builders are working under the floor, but are only moving bodies which had been previously moved when the church was transformed more than a hundred years ago.

How English has changed

A study of English writing has shown that the language has changed to reflect greed and selfishness in the past 200 years. Words now used more include "choose" and "get" while "give" is used less. Other words used more include "individual" and "self". The research was done by analysing more than 1.5 million British and American books.

Art everywhere in the UK

The UK is being turned into a huge art gallery this month, as 57 famous artworks are displayed on thousands of poster and billboard sites for two weeks. The art has all been chosen by public vote, and includes some of our best-loved paintings and other work, including the cover of a Beatles album and work made from neon lights.


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