This week's UK news: 20 September 2013
20 September 2013

Prime minister asleep in photo

We've all been entertained by an Instagram photo which was shared on Twitter before getting into the newspapers. It shows a woman getting ready for her wedding in a smart bedroom, with a man fast asleep on the bed behind her. What makes the picture such fun is that the man is the Prime Minister, David Cameron. His feet are bare and next to him on the bed is his official red briefcase. The bride is his wife's sister. The picture has now been deleted from Instagram.


How the UK has changed

An annual survey of people's views has shown dramatic changes in British society in the past 30 years. The research shows people are much less concerned about class, sex and sexuality. Thirty years ago only 41 per cent of people thought it was OK for a gay person to be a teacher, compared with 83 per cent in 2013. in 1983, two thirds of people identified with a religion and a political party, compared with around a half now. We are more hostile towards the banks and Europe. A record number of people (67 per cent) want Britain to leave the European Union, or for it to become less powerful.


The dirty truth about pearls

A new exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert museum focuses on pearls and famous jewellery made from them. More than 200 pieces of pearl jewellery are on display in the show, including an earring worn by English King Charles I when he was beheaded, Marilyn Monroe's pearl necklace, and earrings belonging to British film star Elizabeth Taylor. The show also explains how pearls are made. It is a myth that they are created when a grain of sand gets into a shellfish. The pearls actually form around larvae from tapeworms, which come out of the digestive systems of fish and sea creatures.


New Harry Potter film on the way

JK Rowling is working on the screenplay for a new film, linked to the Harry Potter series. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them was written by Rowling, and is meant to be a textbook used by Potter at Hogwarts. It was supposed to have been written by an author called Newt Scamander in 1918. The film will be based on Newt and his story, and starts in New York 70 years before Harry goes to Hogwarts. Rowling says it is not a prequel or a sequel to the Potter series "but an extension of the wizarding world."


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