Student Profile: Goran Lundgren from Sweden
1 October 2009

Goran Lundgren is 52 and comes from a small village in Sweden. He currently manages an IKEA sawmill in Russia. He spent nine days improving his English at English UK member English Language in the Lakes (Nab Cottage) in September 2008.

Did you know any English before coming here?

Yes, I had my "school English" from my Swedish school. But I had problems in understanding and speaking fluently.

Why did you choose to come to the UK?

Because I had an idea that I would develop my English much better if I am "on place" in England and only speak in English.

What made you choose the language school and town?

My company Swedwood cooperates with an English teacher in Sweden, that "found" Nab Cottage.

Did you enjoy your time in the UK? What did you like most? Did anything surprise you?

I enjoyed it extremely much. First of all we had wonderful teachers in Tim and Liz. There were very interesting colleagues from different countries on the course. And then the wonderful nature in the "Lake District"! I liked it so extremely much! It is a wonderful place! It is like a storybook everything! I was extremely satisfied! Wow!!!!

Has learning English changed your life?

Yes, in that way, I more or less speak "fluently" English in my work. Not perfect, but I can say I have no problems to speak and understand! That’s perfect!

What are you doing now? Could you have done it without your English?

I am a sawmill manager for an IKEA company in Russia. No, I could not have this position without my English.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Yes, for sure! If you just are at an average level, then you can take a BIG step if you go to England and practice the language.


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