This week's UK news: 2 October 2009
2 October 2009

Britain’s online zoo

The world’s biggest online zoo opened this week.

Britain’s public service broadcaster, the BBC, is famous for its wildlife documentaries. Now it is collecting film and photos of different animals in a giant online archive which is free for anyone to look at.

The BBC Wildlife Finder started with information on 370 different animals, with more being added every day.

Many of the films include the same human being. He is Sir David Attenborough, one of the most famous people in the UK, because of all the wildlife documentaries he has presented.

Policewomen in trouble

Two policewomen who looked after each other’s children while they were at work have found they were breaking the law.

Officials from the Government’s inspection agency called at the house of one of the mothers and told her it was illegal to look after her friend’s child. The women were not paying each other, but got free childcare from each other. This made it illegal.

There has been a lot of surprise about this story and the Government has asked the inspectors to look again at the rules.

Beautiful countryside colours

Autumn has come early to the South of the UK this year because there has been very little rain in the past two months.

This means that the leaves of the trees are going red and golden before dropping off. Many parks, gardens and countryside look stunning at the moment because of all the colours.


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