This week's UK news: 25 April 2014
25 April 2014

Man U sacks manager

The biggest news of the week was probably the announcement that David Moyes was being sacked as manager of Manchester United.

Moyes had been chosen by outgoing manager Sir Alex Ferguson to take over, and had been in the job for ten months.

The team has not performed well this season. It has failed to qualify for the European Champions League, and is currently in seventh place in the UK Premier League. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, the team was almost impossible to beat.

Ryan Giggs is managing the team until a replacement is found. Now some of the biggest names in football are being suggested as Man U's new manager.

Family escapes lions in UK countryside

Longleat is a safari park in the South of England. The idea is that lions and other animals live in large enclosures, and can be seen by people driving through in their cars.

But at the weekend, the car carrying one family caught fire in the middle of the lion enclosure. "It could have been the flamingos or the camels, but no, it had to be in the lion enclosure," Helen Clements told the BBC. She was driving the car, with her two children as passengers.

People visiting the park have to stay in their cars for safety, but Mrs Clement's car was no longer safe because flames were coming out of the engine. She beeped her horn and started getting out of the car - but the park staff told the family to get back in. Moments later the staff managed to get a park vehicle to the family and got them safely out of the car.

Shakespeare is 450

April 23 was officially Shakespeare's 450th birthday, and there are lots of celebrations going on for the UK's greatest playwright. Shakespeare did a lot to shape the English language as he invented phrases and sayings and used new words in his work.

The centre of the celebrations is Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace. This weekend there is a grand parade, a birthday lunch and many performances of his work. There has also been a lot about Shakespeare on our radio and TV.

Warm weather helps UK look beautiful

It's a great time to visit the UK as a warm spring has brought flowers out early.

Bluebells, which grow in many woodlands, are flowering at the moment and are spectacular in some places. The early flowering of many plants and trees also means that butterflies and bees are about.


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