This week's UK news: 19 May 2014
19 May 2014

New Dr Who will seem "boyish"

The man in charge of Dr Who has been talking about the new series before filming begins in Lanzarote. Dr Who is the BBC's science fiction series about an alien who looks like a human and travels in time in a blue police phonebox, the Tardis, which is bigger on the inside than the outside. The show is 50 years old and shown on TV all over the world.

Steven Moffat says that the actor chosen as the new Dr Who seems "boyish and young" even though he is 56. He says that the last Dr, Matt Smith, who was 26 when he was chosen, seemed like a much older man.

"I like the doctors to have mixed messages about who they are. You can't really pin them down."


Piano and a hot bath for homeless women

Charles Dickens is one of the UK's most famous authors. He was writing more than 150 years ago, and created an image of London in Victorian times which is how many people see the city.

His characters included rich and poor people, and have been made into films and shows such as Oliver! The author was very keen to help poor people, and a letter of his which will be sold this month shows this.

He had set up a home for homeless women with a friend. He insisted that the home should have a piano for the women to entertain themselves which shocked some people. Most homes for poor people were horrible places where the residents were treated very badly and made to work for bad food. Here, the women were given bright clothes and good food and taught useful skills so they could get jobs.The letter shows that he paid for one woman to have "two hot baths" before going to the home.

People think that many of Dickens' books include real stories from the women in his home.


Huge dinosaur may move

The Natural History Museum is one of the UK's most famous and visited places. It was built in London more than a hundred years ago and has collections about dinosaurs, rocks, jewels and wildlife.

The building is very beautiful and visitors walk into a huge hall, with an enormous model of a diplodocus dinosaur skeleton which has been there for around 100 years. It is called "Dippy."

But now Dippy may be moved to another part of the museum. The museum has been given GPB 5m to improve the galleries and the research and it is not yet clear whether the dinosaur will stay in the same place to welcome visitors.


Mountain for sale

Even if you have never visited the UK area called The Lake District, you may have seen pictures of it. Though it is a fairly small part of the country, it contains a very beautiful mixture of mountains and lakes and photos are included in many tourist guides to the UK. It is also on one of the photos you can choose for a backdrop on your Windows computer.

Now one of the area's most famous mountains is up for sale. Blencathra is owned by the Earl of Lonsdale, who is planning to sell it to help meet a tax bill of GDP 9m. The mountain is for sale for around GBP1.75m.

The Earl says he has no choice except to sell the mountain. Anyone who buys it will be able to call themselves the Lord of the Manor of Threkeld, which is a nearby village. He thinks this means it will appeal to somebody who lives outside the UK.

But people in the Lake District are now trying to buy the mountain themselves. They have appealed for donations and have been getting promises of money about every minute since they started from all over the country.

You can see pictures of the mountain here.

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