This week's UK news: 23 May 2014
23 May 2014

Beckham boy goes to work

Brooklyn Beckham has two of the most famous parents in the world. They are Victoria and David Beckham, whose careers in music, fashion and football have earned them around GBP 165m.

This week we learned that the 15 year old is not relying on his parents for money. He is working in a coffee shop in London on Saturdays for GBP 2.68 an hour.

A friend of the family has told reporters that Brooklyn's parents would have encouraged him to take the job. David Beckham has said that he and Victoria try to show their children that it is important to work hard. "Being hardworking is the best thing you can show children," he said.


GPB 10m science prize opens

300 years ago the English government offered a prize to anyone who could solve a problem to do with ships' navigation. The winner was a clock maker called John Harrison, who invented a "chronometer" which was a type of clock which stayed accurate at sea. Until then clocks worked with a pendulum and would not work on waves.

Now the government has announced another big prize, but have suggested six possible problems which could be investigated. The problems include antibiotic resistance, food and water supply, how to fly without damaging the environment, helping people who are paralysed, and helping people with severe memory problems. Now members of the public can vote for which problem should be investigated.


The link between university and being rich

One person in five with a university degree becomes a millionaire, official UK figures show. Twenty per cent of adults with a university degree has wealth of more than a million pounds, in houses, possessions and pensions as well as money. Almost a tenth of British adults now have wealth of a million pounds o r more, with numbers rising steeply in the last four years.

The figures show a gap in wealth depending on education. Three per cent of people with no qualifications have assets worth more than a million pounds.

The figures also show an increasing gap between rich and poor people. The richest ten per cent of households owns 44 per cent of the total wealth. The poorest half of the country owns 9 per cent of the wealth.


The UK celebrates gardens

Gardening is a big part of life in the UK, and this is celebrated every year by the Chelsea Flower Show in London. The show is so famous that it is shown on TV, covered in newspapers, and the garden designers win prizes.

The Chelsea Flower Show has been on in London this week, and the gardeners have had trouble with the weather, which has included hot sunshine, heavy rain and hailstorms.

One of the gold medals at the show was won by 27 year old garden designer Hugo Bugg. He is the youngest ever gold medal winner at the show. His garden highlights the work of an international water saving project, and was partly inspired by the flooding in parts of the UK this winter.

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