This week's UK news: 6 June 2014
6 June 2014

Babies in the news

Babies have been in the news this week, for an odd reason. A TV presenter called Kirstie Allsopp was interviewed and said people should be aware it is much more difficult for women to get pregnant after the age of 35.

She said at present women were expected to go to university, start a good career, buy a house "and then have a baby, all in 15 years. That is a hell of a lot to ask someone."

She said if she had a daughter she would advise her not to go to university straight after school but get a job, save for a house, and have a baby by the age of 27.

This was very controversial. Some people agreed with some of what Allsopp said but very few agreed with her ideas about university.


Tiny flat shows demand for property in London

There is a lot of demand for living space in London. This became very obvious this week when a flat was rented just hours after going on the market. The flat is tiny and some newspapers called it a "shoebox". A photograph shows that it has a double bed, some kitchen cupboards and a small wardrobe all in one room. There is just enough room to walk around the bed. The flat costs GBP 170 a week to rent.

More than 20 people enquired about renting the flat.


England World Cup team told to sing loudly

The England football team manager has told his players they must sing the national song (called the National Anthem) loudly before every World Cup match.

He says other teams have their hands on their hearts and sing the anthem as loud as they can. "So that's what we're going to do too."

English sportspeople do not usually sing the anthem loudly. God Save The Queen does not have a very catchy tune and most people only know the first verse. One Olympic winner even whistled along to it in the 1980s


Murder on Google Street View

We all use Street View to find our way round or look at interesting places. But last week someone thought they saw a murder on one of the pictures, and called the police. The picture showed a man lying on the ground, with another man standing above him with a weapon.

Police who went to the scene in Edinburgh found both men alive and well. They had seen the Google car coming (in 2012) and decided to have some fun. "We just thought we had to do something," said one. Their friends saw the photo but much later someone else saw it and reported it to the police.

The police saw the funny side. "They said it was hilarious. And away they went," said one of the men.

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