English UK gets its first new Board chair in six years
18 June 2014

Sarah Cooper has been elected new Chair of the English UK Board, taking over from Sue Edwards who filled the role for six years.

Sarah is Deputy Director of HE and International at South Thames College in Wandsworth and has managed the English for International Students department there since 2008.

Her early career was in strategic marketing, both within companies and as a consultant, but after having children she returned to work as a teacher, mostly in the state sector but occasionally in private centres as well. She puts her career change down to a family background in teaching and a love of the English language, adding: "I feel because I have a strong business background it will give me a very broad view across the industry."

Ms Cooper, who has been vice-chair of the main board since 2010, says she started getting involved in English UK activities when she started to understand the issues facing the industry. "I am always looking for ways to improve things: I'm the kind of person who gets involved. I've always done voluntary work.

"I think we are in a wonderfully strong position now, and we have to look at opportunities to develop our sector in the future."

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