Student Profile: Daryoush Biria from Iran
19 November 2009

Daryoush Biria came to Brighton to improve his English. Five years and several courses later, his English is so good that he has just qualified to teach the language himself.

"It’s very easy to live in this country," says Daryoush, who is 42 and comes from Iran.

"I think people are very friendly towards foreigners, and I think that is different in other countries.

"I like the freedom and independence of living here as well. You have a lot of time to improve yourself. I do miss my family but I enjoy being independent here and sorting out my own problems. It’s not easy to leave your family in Iran, especially in Teheran because it’s a very expensive city."

He has also enjoyed trips to the North of England where, he says, people are even more friendly.

Daryoush changed his life to come to the UK. He had done his compulsory military service in Iran and a degree before getting a job in a textile factory. He loved the job but the dyes and chemicals made it a very toxic place to work.

He wanted to improve the English skills he had learned at school, and chose English UK member St Giles International in Brighton for his first trip here.

He then did more English courses in the city before returning to do an MBA at Brighton University, and most recently his TESOL at another English UK member, ISIS

He has found his English skills very useful for helping his brother with his Iranian business importing and exporting lab equipment. Daryoush says he can work in the business from all over the world. 

Now he is looking for his first teaching job, which he will combine with his brother’s business. He hopes to find a post in the UK. If he can’t find work here, he is considering teaching in Russia, because he speaks a little Russian, or Japan.


By Susan Young
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