This week's UK news: 21 November 2014
21 November 2014

UK's first poo bus starts work

A bus which runs on poo and waste food has started regular services from Bristol Airport

The "bio-bus", which can carry 40 passengers, runs on gas created by treating the waste. A single tank of the gas can be created from the waste of five people, and would take the bus 186 miles.

The bus releases smaller amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, and the bus fumes do not smell.



Women gain promotion in the Church of England

Twenty years ago, the Church of England voted that women could become priests. Now there are many women priests who take services each Sunday and are well-respected.

But until now they have not been allowed to move to more senior posts. Finally the Church has voted to allow women to become bishops. The first women bishops are expected early next year.


Experts look for clues in burned library

People were very upset last year when parts of the Glasgow School of Art burned down. The most badly damaged building was the Mackintosh library, which contained many rare things.

Now an expert team is sifting through the ashes to find items which can be saved. The ashes are three metres deep and the team hope to find some books and furniture which are not too badly damaged. They also hope to find clues which will help them reconstruct the building as the famous architect planned.


Manchester festival takes you to the Big Bang

The Manchester International Festival is planning a spectactualr event next year. It will bring together physicist Professor Brian Cox, a film director, the special effects team which worked on Gravity and a technology company to create a virtual solar system.

The technology does not yet properly exist for this show and it may not be ready in time for July. The team want to show people how the universe began and grew, but not using screens. The plan is to create virtual reality which means they can see the universe and the world about them.  

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