This week's UK news: 13 February 2015
13 February 2015

British "Oscars" held

People often watch the UK Bafta awards to get an idea of which films and actors will win Oscars. The Bafta Awards were held in London at the weekend. The best actor was Eddie Redmayne, who played Professor Stephen Hawking in a film about his life. 

Two years ago Eddie Redmayne won the same award but could not go on stage to collect it because he was being sick nearby.

The Stephen Hawking film, called The Theory Of Everything, also won Best British Film.

Julianne Moore won Best Actress for her part in Still Alice. The Best Film was Boyhood. The best animated film was The Lego Movie, and the Grand Budapest Hotel won lots of awards for music and more. 


… and British singer wins four Grammys

Sam Smith was the big winner at this week's Grammy music awards in the US. His song Stay With Me won best song and best record, and he also won Best New Artist. Smith's first album was only released 9 months ago, but he is the only solo artist to sell more than a million albums in both the US and the UK last year.

Smith, 22, is not glamorous. He said: "Before I made this record, I was doing everything to try to get my music heard... I tried to lose weight and I was making awful music. It was when I started to be myself that the music flowed."


Chocolate is addictive

Almost half of adults in the UK have lied about how much chocolate they eat. One third of adults have eaten chocolate on their way home, and almost half have hidden the packet from their partners.

A survey by a British heart charity has found that chocolate is harder for people to give up than  alcohol, tea or coffee. It is asking people to give up chocolate for March, to raise money for more research into what causes heart problems.


60 isn't old any more

People in their 60s are much less likely to be seriously ill than before. Only eight per cent of people aged 60-64 have had a serious illness, compared with 14 per cent in 2002. Illness in people in their late 60s has dropped as well. 

Heart problems have become less common as people have stopped smoking and are eating better. A government adviser said it was good news, and that most people in their 60s would not "be old" in the same way as in the past.


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