Student profile: from Angola to Aberdeen
26 February 2015

Angola: Lino Bumba

Lino Bumba is 19 and studying General English at English UK member International House Aberdeen for four months.

Tell us a bit about yourself

In Angola, I am at university studying maths to become a teacher. Now I am in Scotland training at Aberdeen University to be an engineer. I think I want to work as an engineer and be a teacher after. I am sponsored by my government.

Why did you want to improve your English in the UK?

At the moment I have an IELTS level, which is less than I need. I mainly came to the UK because I want to study petroleum engineering in Aberdeen. It is the capital of oil and gas and it's a great opportunity to get to university for the knowledge.

Do you like it here?

More than I expected; I think I am having a really good time in Scotland mainly because of the school. There are a lot of people here and I am always learning. I think it has overtaken my expectations.

What do you like best?

In Angola I live in the countryside and Aberdeen is quite a big city compared to where I come from. It is a lot more busy but people are nice. If you need help can always ask them, and if you want something it is good to ask. It's a different culture and I am meeting different people. People are always open to you.

You can really have memorable times and it's really interesting that English gives me this opportunity.

Is there anything you don't like?

It's really cold - I am from a tropical country! Now that I've got proper clothes and know when to go out, it has become easier and the snow was quite beautiful.

How will learning English change your life?

Firstly because of meeting new people. The purpose is to go to university, but also to meet people from all parts of the world. There are really great people and English is letting me get to know them. I meet people from Asia, Africa, Europe, all over the world. They are really great people.

Would you advise your friends to come to the UK to learn English?

I would definitely advise friends if they got the opportunity, to come here and get to to know people. I am learning a lot by speaking with them and it's a great experience. It's academic and also the feeling of being with people, always laughing and always learning is great.


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