This week's UK news: 12 June 2015
12 June 2015

Royal babies photographed by their mum

The first photographs of Prince George and his little sister Princess Charlotte have been made public by the Royal Family. The photographs were taken by their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is a keen photographer. Her pictures were praised by professional photographers.

British cyclist breaks world record

Cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins, who has won Olympic gold and the Tour de France, has set a new world record. This is for the distance he managed to cycle in one hour. 

Sir Bradley set his record at the olympic cycle track in East London in front of 6,000 people. He managed 219 laps of the track, which is 33.88 miles or 54.52 km. Afterwards he said: "That's the closest I will come to knowing what it's like to have a baby." He also said the saddle was not very comfortable. Sir Bradley was asked how he would celebrate. He said: "Standing up."

Maths exam makes students cross

A UK exam board trended on Twitter last week after a GCSE maths exam question confused lots of 16 year olds. The question was about a girl called Hannah, and how likely she was to eat orange sweets from a bag which had yellow ones in as well. Lots of students wrote similar questions on Twitter.

Downton Abbey: the UK TV programme where it almost never rains

Downton Abbey is a drama series about rich people living a hundred years ago. It is really popular TV and shown in many countries around the world. Now one of the actors says one of the reasons it is so popular is that it almost never rains in the show. 

"It shows the world a magical idea of what England used to be like with wonderful houses and the sun shining all the time. But I'm pretty sure it was really always like today, chucking it down with rain and generally cold," said Dame Maggie Smith. 

She also says the costumes were uncomfortable, especially the tight underwear (corsets) that women wore at that time.

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