Top tips for learning English: ideas from Central College Nottingham
31 July 2015

Students often ask for tips to help them learn English quicker and better. We asked some English UK member centres what they recommended - and here's the first set of ideas, from Central College Nottingham. Look out for more ideas in future weeks.

The 5 Ms of making the English language work for you:

  1. Make… an idiot of yourself! The fastest way to learn is from experience, and if you're too scared to speak you'll never get any. Plus, the most memorable lessons are learned when you make a mistake…
  2. Mnemonics! Creating a memorable way to remember something is a mnemonic, and websites such as will help you build your own vocabulary lists - and learn them - in record time.
  3. Meet people! Leaving your room and going out to speak English is difficult, but rewarding as you will build deep friendships and learn more about British culture.
  4. Master the notepad: carry a small notebook with you, and make a note every time there's a word or a phrase you don't know. Then go home, look it up, and add it to your vocabulary bank. Your confidence will grow quickly!
  5. Movies: On a day when you're tired or too shy to go out, watch a film in English, and use subtitles in English too. That way if you can't hear everything being said, you can still follow it.

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