What's studying in the UK really like? Ask our English is GREAT winners
29 February 2016

Our English is GREAT: Speak to the World competition winners have finished their UK adventures and are heading back to Brazil.

If you are in Brazil and interested in studying abroad, come along to the Salão do Estudante student fairs. We are back there this spring to answer any questions you may have about learning English in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. And this time our #EnglishisGREAT winners will be joining us too.

You will be able to speak to them to discover what it is really like to learn English in the UK. Our scholarship winners will also present seminars about their experiences of British life and culture. Each studied in a different part of the UK; Guilherme in Northern Ireland, Karol in Wales, Liao in South West England, Leticia in London and Henrique in the North of England.

In the meantime, you can catch up on some of their adventures through the English is GREAT : Speak to the World Facebook page and Instagram feed.  Watch Karol's video to learn just how much she enjoyed studying English in Wales and read an interview with Guilhereme about his two weeks in Northern Ireland.

Our English is Great pavilion will be at the spring Salão do Estudante in the following cities:

  • Sao Paulo - 27/28 February
  • Rio Barra  - 1 March
  • Rio Copacabana -2 March
  • Curitiba - 4 March
  • Salvador - 7 March
  • Belo Horizonte - 9 March

English UK's Speak to the World campaign launched in September 2015 and has already reached 18 million people in Brazil through travelling classrooms, video competitions, social media and a digital wall of current and prospective Brazilian students sharing 'what English means to me'.

You can to register to attend the student fairs on the Salão do Estudante website. Come along to discover more about learning English in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus find out about our new #EnglishisGREAT selfie challenge. A student at Hogwarts, a king or queen, William Shakespeare, one of the Beatles, or heroic knight? Which British cultural icon or historical character would you chose to be?   

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