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11 November 2016

Andy Murray becomes world tennis No 1

British tennis player Andy Murray has become the world's No 1 tennis player after the Paris Masters tournament.

Murray, 29, has had an unbeaten run of 18 matches to overtake Novak Djokovic at the top. He has won two Olympic gold medals and won three Grand Slam tournaments in his career so far.

Andy became a father to a girl called Sophia earlier this year, and one of his coaching team says that helped him reach the top of his sport. 

University students support public exam results

For the last 300 years, students at Cambridge University have found out their degree result on a public list put up on a board for everyone to see. Students can opt out but only if they have "exceptional" reasons.

University staff have been discussing whether to end the lists after a campaign argued that the lists were damaging to students. Now students have voted on the idea. A majority said they wanted class lists to remain, but that it should be easier for students to opt out of the process.

Chocolate bar changes are mocked

The American election has been big news in the UK. But it was not the most-read news on the UK's public service broadcaster's website on Tuesday. More people were interested in a story about changes to the shape of Toblerone chocolate.

If you haven't seen Toblerone, it is a long bar of Swiss chocolate in a triangular shape. Each piece of chocolate in the bar is a triangle. This week the company which makes Toblerone announced that it was making the gap between each triangle bigger on some bars. This means the gaps between each piece of chocolate is bigger than the pieces themselves. It was a way to keep the price the same, but reduce the amount of chocolate in the bar. 

Lots of people were angry about the change on the Toblerone Facebook page. One said it was "plain dumb" to change the shape of the product.

The Christmas advert - that wasn't

John Lewis is one of the UK's best-known shops. During the past few years, its Christmas advertisements have become very well-known, and part of the build-up to the event. The adverts can take a year to make, and cost millions of pounds. 

Almost 400,000 people thought they were getting an early viewing of the 2016 advert on You Tube when they found a short film about a lonely snowman - but it turned out to be an A-Level student's course work. The student, Nick Jablonka, said creating the advert took him two weeks and it was very rushed.

However, one agency has offered him a job, and John Lewis has invited him to see how their adverts is made. 

The real John Lewis advert was released this week. It stars a dog on a trampoline.

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