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22 March 2017

Tour the Houses of Parliament from your bedroom

Have you been to the Houses of Parliament? They are one of London's top tourist destinations, because Big Ben (the big clock tower at one end) is famous throughout the world.

If you haven't been on a tour of the buildings, they are definitely worth a visit. They are very grand inside and outside. But if you can't get on a tour – or you have been, and would like to go again – you can now do it from your phone, tablet or laptop. That's because a new virtual tour is now available, and you can get to it from the Parliament website or Google Maps. If you want to know more as you tour, there is lots of information on each room and corridor.

Meet the children who broke the internet

Have you seen the TV interview with the South Korean expert who is interrupted live on air by his little children? Since it was shown on the UK's public service TV channel, the interview has gone viral, shared all over the world.

Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed from his home office when the door burst open and a little girl walked in and came up to him, followed by a baby in a walker and then the children's mum. Professor Kelly and his wife were very embarrassed but have now explained that his children saw him being interviewed on the TV and decided to go and see him for themselves.

Empty jam jars more expensive than full ones

It is fashionable in the UK to use old glass jars for storage and lots of other reasons. They are being used for packed lunches, as flower vases, and also as drinking glasses.

Now UK supermarkets are selling empty glass jars with pretty lids to meet demand – but they can cost more than jars filled with jam and other spreads. In one supermarket, you can buy jam for 40 pence but an empty jar costs over GBP 2.

One journalist who specialises in home decoration, says: "The jam jar trend has officially gone mad. I think people should be reusing their jam jars. All you have to do is soak them in water and peel off the label."

Police use chat message to get drunk student home

Police in Cardiff were called to a student in the Welsh city of Cardiff who had been out drinking, had lost his friends, and couldn't remember where he lived. The police messaged his friends to ask where the man lived so that they could take him home.

The police wanted to prove that their messages were not a joke, so they took a photograph of themselves with the student (a selfie). One of his friends shared the message on Twitter, and it has now been retweeted thousands of times.

The student got home safely.

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