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29 March 2017

School announced for Prince George

Prince George, the three-year-old son of Prince William, will start school in London this September. His parents have chosen a school where the first rule is to "be kind." Pupils at St Thomas's school are encouraged not to have best friends, so that they don't make other children sad.

The school is for girls and boys, unlike the school attended by Prince George's father and uncle, which was for boys only.

Duke of Edinburgh's taxi goes in museum

The British Royal Family are some of the best-known people in the world. But they also like to travel sometimes without being noticed. That's why Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen, has owned a London taxi for 18 years.

The Prince often drove the green taxi himself – though he has a driver – and could travel around London without anybody noticing he was inside.

But now the green taxi needs repairs, and the Prince who is 95, has put it on display in a museum of royal cars with lots of grander vehicles. They are on show at the Royal Family's home at Sandringham in Norfolk. Nevertheless, the Prince has not stopped driving.

Liverpool hosts new Beatles festival

Have you ever heard of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? It is an album by the Beatles with a famous cover, and is often voted their best album ever.

Sgt Pepper is 50 years old this year, and the Beatles' home city of Liverpool is celebrating with a three-week festival. Performers will each be inspired by a song off the album. Events include an all-day celebration of the Indian music which inspired Beatle George Harrison.

London returns to normal after Westminster attack

There was an attack in London last week. A man drove a hired car into people walking over Westminster Bridge, before getting out and attacking a police officer at the Houses of Parliament. Three people died after being hit by the attacker's car, and the attacker was shot dead by police. The policeman also died, although a senior MP fought to save him before medical help arrived. The police have not found any links between the attacker and terrorist groups.

London returned to normal quickly after the attack. Roads were re-opened, and a Twitter hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid spread on the Internet. There are lots of flowers placed around Westminster, and a group of Muslim women stood in silence, forming a chain on the Westminster bridge in honour of the victims at the weekend.


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