This week's UK news: 23 July 2010
23 July 2010

The most expensive car wash in the world?

Gurcharn Sahota washes cars for a living. But he doesn’t wash any car, and he doesn’t wash them in the normal way.

Mr Sahota uses special cleaning methods to make GBP 1m supercars look like new. He often has the cars in his Derby workshop for four weeks, and a full treatment costs GBP 7,000.

He has worked on Bugatti Veyrons, McLaren F1s, GTRs and Pagani Zondas. His equipment includes special wax from Brazil at GBP 8,000 a tin and a scanner which works out the depth of the paintwork in great detail. This way he can safely sand and polish each car.

He says it would cost his customers up to GBP 100,000 to respray such an expensive car and says he will make it look even better for a fraction of the price. “If you give me a new car I can make it look better.”

Prime Minister’s big idea

David Cameron, the new prime minister, launched his Big Society plan this week. He says he wants to use “people power” by getting volunteers to run libraries, transport services and help with housing projects.

He believes this will help people to look after each other more.

Critics say the idea is designed to save money and that poorer people will lose out when Government services disappear. There are also fears that people are working long hours and do not have time to volunteer to help with other projects.

More of Stonehenge discovered

The 4,500 year old stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the best-known sights of the UK. The site is one of the most-visited in Britain every year, as people wonder what the stones were used for and exactly how the monument was built.

Now historians using special equipment have found evidence that there was once a round wooden monument close to Stonehenge. It is about 900m from Stonehenge itself and would have had large wooden poles rather than stones.

Historians say it is the most exciting discovery at the site for 50 years.

TV advert shocks viewers

A thousand people have complained about an advertisement for a betting organisation.

The advert shows a football match with blind players, using a ball with a bell in it for them to hear.

A cat with a bell on its collar then runs into the pitch. A player takes a kick. You don’t see what happens next but there is a noise and the sound of the cat. Later, you see the cat up a tree.

The makers of the advertisement say they wanted to publicise sports which are not well known, and the World Blind Football Championships will take place this year. The players are members of the England Blind Football team.

People complained that the advertisement could encourage cruelty to animals and was offensive about blind people. The organisation which rules on advertising complaints did not agree.


by Susan Young


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