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17 May 2017

Healthy food has unhealthy effect

Avocados have become really popular in the UK in the last few years. We buy around four times more of them than ten years ago, and eat them in new ways.

For a long time people in the UK mostly ate avocados in salads, with prawns in them, or as part of a Mexican meal. Now they are being promoted as a healthy eating option, and people eat them mashed on toast for breakfast, or as a main ingredient in a chocolate mousse.

But this week a doctor has warned that avocados are not healthy for some people. Simon Eccles, who is a surgeon, says people are cutting their hands trying to get the stone out of the avocado. Four people injure themselves so badly each week in London alone that they need surgery. He calls the injury "avocado hand". He wants avocados to have special stickers warning about the danger.

UK man is world's oldest skydiver

Verdun Hayes started skydiving at the age of 100. He broke the British record for being the oldest skydiver last year, but he wanted to do more. So this week he went skydiving with ten members of his family, at the age of 101, and broke the world record. He said he was feeling "over the moon" about it. He had wanted to try skydiving when he was 90, but his wife had talked him out of it.

Pink Floyd take over London museum

One of the biggest museum shows in London recently was the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. Now a new rock show has opened, devoted to 70s band Pink Floyd.

The show includes flying pigs, a giant inflatable headteacher and lots of the band's music and albums, including Dark Side of the Moon and Another Brick In The Wall.

The Prime Minister reveals all

There is an election going on in the UK and politicians will do anything to get a vote. So this week the Prime Minister, Theresa May, did a TV interview with her husband Philip. Mrs May does not like revealing personal details so the interview was a surprising thing to do.

What did we learn? Only that at home the Mays have "girl jobs" and "boy jobs". What are these? We still don't know, except that Mr May, who is a highly-paid banker, puts the rubbish out to be collected. Later, the Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon told a TV show that her husband did all of the cooking and most household jobs and she did "the girl job" of running the country.


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