Partner agency interview: Tatiana Mokhova
13 June 2017

Tatiana Mokhova works for English UK Partner Agency York Educational Services in Moscow.

How did you become a study travel agent?

I had won a competition, called the All-Soviet Union English Olympiad, and was sent to the UK to immerse myself in English. In the 1990s I was teaching when my country opened its doors allowing people to travel.

I realised we could help our students and school children to feel the language from the inside, so I set up a language travel company, which I later merged with that of an English colleague. These days we do all sorts of educational consultancy and our students study in many countries from Canada to Singapore. 

What made you join the Partner Agency Scheme?

It's important to be recognised as a reliable and experienced player whom students and parents on one side and schools on the other, can trust and rely on.

We have always considered professional standards very important as this provides assurance in quality of the service that every unit of the educational chain at its own level provides. We were among the first Russian agents to join. 

Do you find it useful?

We are thankful for the regular newsletters. Due to them we get notification what has changed or is to change in visa regulations and about much news about the language travel market. We like to hear about inward missions and read agents' news.

To be honest, as soon as we are contacted by a new school I would first of all check with the English UK accreditation scheme if the school is listed. We all want to feel safe and protected and this helps every one: students first of all, us as sellers and schools as providers


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