This week's UK news: 3 September 2010
3 September 2010

Real-life James Bond

News reports have been very interested in the fate of Gareth Williams. Mr Williams’s body was found cut up in a sports bag in a London flat a week ago.

Mr Williams worked for GCHQ, which is part of the UK security services. He was an expert in codes. Stories have said that he was a brilliant mathematician and a keen cyclist.

It is not currently known how he was killed. There are lots of stories suggesting either that he was killed because of his job, or he was killed for his private life.

Brothers in battle

The opposition political party has been looking for a new leader since it lost the General Election in May.

Voting papers went out to Labour party members this week. It is a strange campaign because the five candidates include brothers Ed and David Miliband, who both served in the Labour government.

There has been lots of interest in the brothers and what the contest will do to their relationship. Their mother has said she will not vote for either of them.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has published his autobiography. He talks about his relationship with Gordon Brown, who followed him as Prime Minister. He also talks about meeting the Royal Family and Princess Diana, and why he took the UK to war.

Guns n’ Roses

This weekend there were the linked Leeds and Reading music festivals. Headlining both festivals was American rock band Guns n' Roses. The band had been warned that organisers would turn off microphones if the band played late, and that is what happened.

Guns n' Roses went on stage at Reading an hour late, and organisers say they gave them an extra half hour. But when they tried to play an encore the power was turned off and singer Axl Rose used a megaphone instead. Organisers say they had to turn off the sound because of an agreement with the authorities.

The following night, the band went on stage half an hour late, and played half an hour over their time before being told to stop. Singer Axl Rose has demanded festival bosses apologise to the fans.

Sailor turns her back on the sea

British sailor Dame Ellen McArthur, who holds a round-the-world solo sailing record, says she has given up ocean racing.

She wants to devote her time to campaigning for people to use the world’s resources well. And she has set up a charity to help young people.


by Susan Young


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