English with Rugby
9 November 2010

Are you looking for an English course with a difference? Do you like to get covered in mud during evenings and weekends?

Then English with Rugby is probably the perfect course for you.

Rebecca Willis, of the Eastbourne School of English says: "I have been a player for about 11 years and captain my local women's side in Lewes. I am also a qualified rugby coach and former English teacher. I felt it would be an important introduction to the technical jargon that comes with the sport."

The course is open to over-16s. Participants will train twice a week with the local men's or women's rugby teams, and will get an introductory session explaining common words used on the rugby pitch. If players are good enough they may be selected for team games.

"We already run golf and tennis courses which are very popular," says Rebecca. "We think this course might be great for an 18 or 19 year old who wants to improve their English to get ahead in work but really loves playing rugby too."

So far Rebecca has had a lot of interest from agents in Italy about the course. The course is not suitable for English beginners, and includes either 15 or 23 hours of tuition each week.

Students must bring their own rugby kit and have the correct insurance.

For more information about the course, click here.


By Susan Young (susan@englishuk.com)


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