This week's UK news: 11 February 2011
11 February 2011

Shopping bag stops jewel robbers

A shopper in her 70s has become famous for stopping a gang robbery at a jewellers shop in Northampton.

Ann Timson was chatting to a friend when she heard something happening. She thought a young man was being attacked and went to help. But then she noticed the men were smashing the window of the jewellers.

"I started whacking them over the head with my shopping bag," she said. The incident was filmed because a cameraman was in the street at the time, and Mrs Timson has appeared on television to talk about what she did.

Four men have been charged with robbery.

Better flu vaccine gets closer

Scientists at Oxford University have successfully tested a flu vaccine which would protect against all known types of the illness.

This would make a big difference to how the illness is treated. The flu virus changes from year to year and when a new type appears, such as swine flu, drug companies have to race to produce a vaccine which will work. The new vaccine targets a different part of the virus which does not change from year to year.

Dr Sarah Gilbert of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University said a universal flu vaccine would have a big impact. Flu vaccination would become routine and there would not be any sudden shortages.

Beyonce tipped to play at Glastonbury

There are rumours that Beyonce will be one of the headline acts at this year's Glastonbury festival in June.

The music festival is the world's biggest and attracts top names.

A gossip website also suggests that U2 will play at the festival on Friday evening with Coldplay as the biggest act on Saturday. Beyonce would then close the festival on Sunday.

Festival organisers are refusing to comment on the rumours.

Campaign against library closures

More than 450 libraries may close as part of funding cuts. Well-known people have joined campaigns to save library services. These include writers Philip Pullman and Colin Dexter.

At some libraries people got together to borrow the maximum number of books. In other places they had a "Shh-in" in reference to the old idea that librarians would ask people to be quiet by saying "shh".


by Susan Young


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