This week's UK news: 4 March 2011
4 March 2011

British film wins four Oscars

The King's Speech is a film which tells the story of a British king's struggle to overcome his speech problems. George VI had a stammer, which makes it very hard to say certain words. He was helped to overcome it by a therapist using new methods.

David Seidler, the film's writer, had a stammer himself and was inspired by hearing George VI's radio speeches to Britain during the war. He asked George VI's widow for permission to write the story, but she asked him to leave it until after her death - and she lived to the age of 101.

The King's Speech won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin Firth as George VI), Best Director and Original Screenplay.

Burglar gets a surprise

A court has praised the bravery of a 62-year-old woman who found a burglar in her house and made him clear up the mess he made.

The woman found Thomas Henry Evans, 22, in her kitchen. He was carrying a hammer. He had broken in through a window and had taken some items.

The woman told Evans to put her belongings back and then gave him a brush to clear up the window glass. She then gave him tape and paper and made him cover the hole in the window. Finally, she told Evans to stop drinking alcohol and get a job.

Two decades of football

Ryan Giggs has celebrated an unusual anniversary this week. He has been playing for Manchester United for 20 years.

Giggs first played for United at the age of 17, in a game that the team lost to Everton. Now he has played for the club for 20 years, and also for the Welsh national team. In that time he has played 862 times for United. He has won 11 Premier League titles, four FA Cups, four League Cups, eight Charity Shields, two Champions Leagues, one Super Cup and one Club World Cup.

And he has had 131 team mates over the 20 years. He said: "I don't think about the titles I've won. I just look at the future."

Royal Wedding update

Kate Middleton, who will marry into the Royal family at the end of next month, has been on her first official jobs. Members of the Royal Family are expected to do lots of official engagements, including opening new buildings and visiting charities. As part of this they have to get used to meeting lots of people, shaking hands, and smiling a lot.

Miss Middleton and her fiancée, Prince William, started by launching a lifeboat close to their home in Wales. Days later they returned to their old university, St Andrews in Scotland, to launch a fundraising appeal.


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