This week's UK news: 11 March 2011
11 March 2011

Surprise for man in court

If you break the law in the UK and have to go to court, it can be a strange experience. The judge, who is in charge of the case, wears black robes and curled grey wigs as he or she would have done centuries ago. Senior lawyers who argue for the prosecution and the defence dress the same way.

But the court case involving Judge Douglas Marks Moore was even stranger than most. He was coming to the end of an afternoon session where Paul Reid had been giving evidence. The main doors to the court were locked but the door to the judge's room was not.

Reid decided to try and escape, and ran to the judge's door. The judge, still wearing his wig and black robes, grabbed Reid by the neck to try and stop him. Reid managed to escape again, but as he got close to the fire door Judge Marks Moore rugby tackled him to the ground and landed on top of him until the prison officers arrived.

Reid is now back in court, accused of trying to escape.

Britain is the world's second most popular nation

Almost 29,000 people around the world were asked to rate the positive and negative influence of 16 leading nations for a poll for the BBC World Service.

This year, Britain got its highest-ever rating, coming second. Germany was slightly more popular, and Canada was in third position.

Japan came in fourth place, followed by France, Brazil, the US, South Africa and India.

Britain came third last year.

Liverpool upsets Manchester United

Liverpool and Man U football clubs have both won 18 league titles over the years. Manchester United is very keen to overtake Liverpool and gain a 19th title this year.

So it was a crucial match when the two clubs met this week, but it didn't go well for Manchester United.

Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt scored three goals during the match, and Manchester only managed one. Liverpool fans are now so delighted with the way things are going that they sang Happy Birthday to their new temporary manager, Kenny Dalglish, who turned 60 years old two days before.

It was Manchester United's third defeat in five league matches and damaged the club's chances of taking a 19th title.

Royal Wedding update…

There has been a lot of talk about who will make Catherine Middleton's wedding dress this week.

Whoever gets the job will be delighted because of all the publicity their dress will attract. But the designer has also been asked not to reveal his or her identity until the day of the wedding.

The newspapers seem to think that the creative director of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton, has been asked to make the dress. She is denying it but all eyes were on the collection of dresses she showed during Paris Fashion Week.


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