E-petition over Immigration PBS Review
11 December 2009

As you will be aware, the government plans to hold a major review of the Points Based System for Visas this December. 

Some of the proposals could have a significant and detrimental effect on education providers across all areas.

We have been advised by English UK members that there is an e-petition which is available for all to sign online, in order to demonstrate support for the sector.

The Petition is now live at  http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/PBSReview/

The main aim for the e-petition is for it to reach the top 5 most-signed petitions in order for it to be taken seriously by the government. Currently the figures stand at over 7000 signatures, so clearly more signatures would be welcomed.

It’s important to note the two stages to signing:

  1. fill in your details including email address, and 
  2. wait for a return email which you open and click on the link.

In some cases the return email may go to your spam or junk mailbox, so please check that.


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