This week's UK news: 21 August 2011
21 August 2011

Happiness for Harry Potter fans

There are no more Harry Potter films or books, but now there is a website. Pottermore is not properly open until October, but a million fans have been given early membership of the site.
Users can travel through the world of Harry Potter in the first noel, learning new facts about his world and unlocking new content. They collect items as they go, and can collect items. Pottermore accounts can also be linked to Facebook accounts, allowing users to take part in wizarding duels.

Brad Pitt hires train

Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in the UK with their six children, and have found themselves in the news. The couple, called "Brangelina" by the British media, were seen in a chain store which sells car and bicycle accessories.
But then they had to travel to Glasgow, where Brad Pitt is filming a zombie movie. They did not hire a car or a plane. They hired a train, which may have cost GBP 40,000.

Roman arena discovered

These days it is a peaceful field for cows. But in the days when Britain was a Roman colony, Studforth Hill in Yorkshire was the site of a large and important arena, called an amphitheatre.
Cambridge University researchers investigated the site because one of them, Rose Ferraby, had heard a legend about the amphitheatre from her grandfather who lived in the village. Ms Ferraby got interested in archaeology after working at a local house with many Roman remains in the garden, and she used to sledge down Studforth Hill in the snow.
The village of Aldborough was already known to be an important Roman site and no digging is allowed without permission. The amphitheatre was found using scanners.

Dogs become TV addicts

People in the UK are gradually switching to digital TVs. This is having an unexpected effect: dogs are becoming addicted to watching the televisions.
The images on old analogue sets moved too slowly for dogs to see properly. They could only see a series of pictures. Digital televisions make it possible for dogs to see the action in the same way as humans.
A survey of dog owners found that dogs are watching more TV. Some watch up to two hours a day. Soap operas were most popular. Almost half of owners said their dog had a favourite programme, and a third became excited when the theme tune began.

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