This week's UK news: 28 August 2011
28 August 2011

Robber defeated with salad

A gunman was stopped from robbing a post office by an old man who hit him with a lettuce.
George Smith, who is in his 80s, was in the post office when 48-year-old William Hayton came in with a sawn-off shotgun. Mr Smith was carrying a bag of shopping, including a lettuce, a bottle of bleach, and washing up liquid. He followed the robber round the shop, hitting him over the head with the carrier bag, until he left.
The robber was jailed for nine years, and Mr Smith was given GBP 500 for his bravery. He said: "I'm not a brave man. I am just an old man. Why should I be scared of a man like that?"

Emperors' jewels on show

Some of the most beautiful objects in the world are on show at the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge.
The museum has borrowed a large collection of jewels and personal items which once belonged to Austria's Hapbsurg emperors, and has them on show until January. It is the first time so many pieces have travelled from Vienna to the UK.
"Come prepared to be dazzled. People will be blown away by the quality and variety of the objects," says Victoria Avery from the Fitzwilliam.

Town remembers pilot killed in air crash

the UK's air force has a special team called the Red Arrows who take part in spectacular flying displays many times a year. The planes fly in spectacular formations, leaving trails of differently coloured smoke.
But last weekend one of the planes crashed, killing the pilot. This was the first fatal crash in 33 years for the squadron, and came just after they performed at an air show in Bournemouth.
People have praised the pilot, Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging, for his bravery. He managed to avoid crashing into houses but came down in a field at the edge of the town. Six books of condolence were signed in his memory.

Actress saves tycoon's mother from fire

Richard Branson is one of the UK's best-known businessmen. He founded many businesses, including the airline Virgin Atlantic.
Mr Branson owns an island in the Caribbean with a luxury home and several other houses. Last week, the house was struck by lightning and caught fire. Mr Branson's 90-year-old mother was saved by Oscar-winning British actress Kate Winslet, who was staying in the house and carried the old lady outside. Mr Branson, who hires out the house on Neckar for GBP 33,000 a week, said he would rebuild it.

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