This week's UK news: 23 September 2011
23 September 2011

British hospital saves joined twins

Twin baby girls who were joined at the head have been separated at a London children's hospital.
Rital and Ritag Gaboura were born in Sudan 11 months ago, joined at the top of their skulls. Their lives were threatened because one baby's heart was having to do most of the work for both of them. The children were brought to the world-famous Great Ormond Street Hospital by a charity and were separated in a series of operations. Just one in ten million survive this very rare condition.
The parents say they are very thankful and looking forward to going home with separate, healthy baby girls.

Spider season  in the UK

We see more spiders in the UK at this time of year as they move indoors to escape from the cold and the females have babies. But this year the weather means there are more spiders than usual.
We had a warm spring and then a wet summer, which meant more food for spiders and so more than usual have survived. If you look closely you will see lots of webs outside with large brown spiders, and many smaller varieties inside buildings.
Lots of people in the UK are very scared of spiders although only one of 650 different types is harmful to humans. Even this one does nothing worse than a nasty bite. Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia.

British drama wins US awards

Downton Abbey is a British TV drama about the lives of a rich family and their servants almost a hundred years ago. It has been very popular in the UK, and the second series is now on.
This week the programme won four Emmy awards in Los Angeles.
British singer Adele has also been nominated for four MTV Europe awards. She is competing against Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Scottish city becomes a Hollywood star

Glasgow, the second city of Scotland, is very different to San Francisco, in California. Glasgow is not famous for its sunshine, for instance.
But the Scottish city is being used to film movies set in American cities. A few weeks ago Brad Pitt was in town to film scenes from his zombie film World War Z. This film is set in Philadelphia. Almost a hundred Scots went to "zombie school" so that they could appear as extras in the film.
Now Cloud Atlas is being filmed in Glasgow. A very steep street has been given a San Francisco-style sign, and Halle Berry has been seen filming there.

Susan Young

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