This week's UK news: 14 October 2011
14 October 2011

Lottery winners give friends GBP 1 million each

The winners of one of the biggest lottery jackpots ever won in the UK were announced this week.
Dave and Angie Dawes won GBP 101m on the EuroMillions lottery last Friday evening and spent the whole night checking and re-checking the numbers on their winning ticket.
Now they have talked about how they will spend the money. They are giving some friends and family GBP1m each. The couple plan to get married, which they could not afford to do before. They want to buy a house in Portugal and another house near the Chelsea football ground. Dave is a Chelsea fan and wants to have a special room celebrating the club.

Nobel prize leads to Government funding

Last year scientists at the University of Manchester in the UK won the Nobel prize for their work on a material called grapheme. Grapheme is a sheet of carbon atoms which could make anything from touchscreens to plastics cheaper and better.
Now the UK government has given GBP 50m to encourage more research into how to use grapheme in industry. It hopes new products will be made in the UK as a result.
Grapheme conducts electricity a million times better than copper and also allows light through. It is also very strong and very stretchy.

The Queen's husband's unusual night out

The Duke of Edinburgh is 90 years old, so people were a bit surprised by his night out this week.
He was the guest of honour when the Arts Club in London was re-opened after building work. Newspaper reports say he enjoyed chatting to actors Gwynneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz.
Then he stayed on to watch a concert with Gwynneth Paltrow singing. Reports say she sang the Cee Lo Green song "Forget You" -- but using the original, rude words. Before she started to sing, she apologised for the words and said: "Don't tell the Queen."

Too much texting is bad for you

Back doctors say they are treating people whose necks have become painful because they are spending too much time using smart phones and tablet computers.
They say "text neck" is caused by bending the neck down for too long. It can lead to long term problems if it is not treated. One private clinic in the UK says it has treated thousands of patients. The problem can also cause headaches and pains in the shoulder, arms and wrists.
People are being advised to take screen breaks, lifting their heads, and do simple exercises.

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