This week's UK news: 21 October 2011
21 October 2011

Taxi driver is first Mummy in 3,000 years

A UK taxi driver is the first person in 3,000 years to have been mummified after his death. The ancient Egyptians used to mummify bodies of the dead because they believed it would preserve their bodies and souls for the afterlife.
Scientist Stephen Buckley had experimented with mummifying animals and wanted to try his technique on a human. He thinks the process went well and the Mummy he created will still look good in 3,000 years.
Alan Billis, who had lung cancer, volunteered to take part in a TV show about mummification with Mr Buckley. He died in January.
Mr Billis told the television programme that he hoped the programme would help his grandchildren to know more about him. He thought they would tell their friends: "My grandfather is a Pharoah."
Mr Billis's wife said: "I'm the only woman in the country who's got a Mummy for a husband."

British people addicted to mobile phones

Research suggests that people spend two hours and 20 minutes each day using their smartphones. The average person apparently spends 18 minutes actually talking on the phone. They spend another 25 minutes sending and reading text messages.
People spend another six minutes downloading apps for the phone and also spend time on chat sites and doing shopping online.
Hannah Bouckley, whose website did the research, said this meant people spent six years of their lives on their phones. This was the same amount of time as it takes to train to be a doctor.

1,000 year old grave found in Scotland

European and UK history was changed by the Viking people who invaded from their homes in Norway, Sweden and Denmark more than a thousand years ago.
Vikings used special longboats to move around, and sometimes they were buried in the boats when they died.
Historians have just found a Viking longboat burial site in a remote part of Scotland. They have found the outline of the boat, the Viking's sword and the remains of teeth and bones. Unusually the grave has been completely undisturbed since the man was buried so it is a great thing to find.

Scientists create most relaxing song ever

A band of musicians and scientists have worked together to create what they say is the most relaxing song ever.
Weightless is eight minutes long. It is so good at making people sleepy that drivers have been warned not to listen in their cars. The music and rhythms have been carefully arranged to help slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Listen to it here


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