This week's UK news: 28 October 2011
28 October 2011

Fireworks in English football

You may have heard about the game between Manchester's two Premiership football teams this week. To the surprise of many, City beat United. Not only did they do this at United's ground but they did it by 6 goals to 1. This has not happened between the two teams since 1929.
But there is a funny story behind the match. Manchester City's Mario Ballotelli, who scored the first two goals of the match, did so whilst living in a hotel room. This was because his friends had damaged his house by throwing lit fireworks out of the bathroom window just days before the big match.
Ballotelli is now presenting t a campaign by a Manchester charity warning children about the danger of fireworks. "They can be very dangerous," he said.

Marry on a beach in the UK

British couples are used to flying overseas to enjoy a wedding ceremony on a beach.
Now they can stay at home to marry.
Bournemouth, on the South coast, has now become the first British seaside town where it is legal for people to have a wedding ceremony on the beach.
Couples can marry in a white beach hut "chapel" not far from the pier. They can arrive on the "land train" which travels up and down the seafront road, or come down the little cliff lift.
The first weddings will be held in April 2012.

Royal family changes the rules

The Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has reopened debate about the rules about who can become King or Queen.
Until now the throne has gone to the oldest boy in the family, even if he had an older sister. Lots of people think this is wrong.
Now there are plans to change the system so that the oldest child would inherit the throne, not the oldest boy. This will mean that the current order of succession (the list of who is in line to inherit the throne) will change.
It is not simple to change this system. Because this relates to the Royal Family other governments have to be consulted in a meeting which takes place today.

New iPhone has trouble in Scotland

The new iPhone 4 has voice recognition software on it. But there have been many complaints that this does not work with Scottish accents.
Voice recognition is the major new feature on the phone which was launched earlier this month. Users can use it to send texts and ask for weather updates.
However, lots of Scots have complained on internet forums that their phones cannot understand them.


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