This week's UK news: 10 February 2012
10 February 2012

English football in the news

It has been an odd week for football. Footballer John Terry has been stripped of his role as captain of the England team until after the Euro 2012 championship. This is because he has been accused of making a racist comment to another player and the case will not be heard in court until after the championships.
However, England manager Fabio Capello told Italian journalists that he was not happy with the decision, which was made without involving him. The Football Association was angry about this comments, and Capello ended up resigning.
On the same day as Capello resigned, the Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp was cleared of tax evasion, which meant he could be considered for the England job. Redknapp is well-liked and is now thought the most likely person to become England manager.

Queen celebrates 60 years

This week was the anniversary of the Queen inheriting the crown. Major celebrations are planned for the summer.
On the day of the anniversary the Queen usually does not appear in public, as it is also the anniversary of her father's death. This year, though, she visited an infant school. The school had a display of a book called The Queen's Knickers. The children had been warned not to ask the Queen what her knickers looked like.

Another British anniversary

February 7 was also the 200th anniversary of the birthday of famous British author Charles Dickens. Celebrations included a special service at Westminster Abbey and one in Portsmouth where Dickens was born. There was also a 24-hour reading of his books in countries all over the world.

Winter finally arrives

Until this week, most parts of the UK had enjoyed the warmest winter for years. That changed when bitterly cold weather from Europe arrived, bringing snow and ice to most of the UK.
The weather came as a shock as temperatures had been above average for most of the winter. Now they are well below average and likely to stay that way until the end of this weekend.

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