Tier 4 - Student updates
17 April 2012

Since 6 April, there have been a number of changes affecting current and prospective students coming to the UK. Below is a brief summary of the changes.

  • If you apply on or after 6 April, you must show that you have higher levels of funds. If you study in Inner London, this increases from £800 to £1,000 per month. Outside Inner London, the level increases from £600 to £800 per month. Funds for dependants also increase.
  • If you pay accommodation fees to your Tier 4 sponsor, you will be able to deduct a maximum of £1,000 from the maintenance you have to show when you make your application, even if you have paid more than this.
  • You will be limited to spending five years on courses at degree level.

There will be exceptions if:

  • your undergraduate degree course was four or five years long and you want to study a Master's degree at a higher education institution (recognised body or institution in receipt of public funding)
  • you want to study a PhD at a higher education institution
  • you are studying a specific course: architecture, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and science, law, music studied at a conservatoire.
  • If you are studying a course below degree level and/or you are not at a higher education institution and you applied for leave on or after 6 April, any work placements must be limited to one third of your total course time (currently the limit is 50 per cent).
  • If you are going to do a pre-sessional course followed by a degree level course and your Tier 4 sponsor wants to assign you one Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) for Studies for both courses, you must have passed a UK Border Agency-approved English language test at the required level before your sponsor can assign a CAS to you. Until 6 April, you did not have to pass an approved test and your sponsor could assess your English in different ways.

If you have any questions regarding visas, please contact Jing Keeler, Public Affairs, Policy and Research Manager (maternity cover).


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