This week's UK news: 15 June 2012
15 June 2012

Prime Minister forgets daughter

The strangest news story this week was about the Prime Minister and his family. We found out that Mr and Mrs Cameron and their three children had gone for a pub lunch one Sunday with friends.
At the end of the meal, they went home in three cars. It was only when the Camerons got back home that they found their eight-year-old daughter was missing. Nancy had gone to the toilet in the pub as everyone was leaving and each of her parents thought she was with the other one.
Some people were very sympathetic to the family and told their own stories of forgetting children. Others were not sympathetic. They said that if the Camerons had been a poor family, officials would have investigated whether they were looking after their children properly.

It really is raining a lot in the UK

We all know the UK is famous for rain. The problem is actually not that it rains a lot, but that the rain can come at any time of the year. The last couple of winters have been so dry that earlier this year most people in the south of the country were banned from using hosepipes to wash cars or water gardens.
But now it really is rainy. It has rained almost non-stop since we were banned from using hoses. It rained for most of May. This week it has rained so much that there have been lots of floods on the South Coast and in Wales. And the weather forecast for this weekend is for more rain, hail, and thunder.
Everyone is hoping that the weather is going to improve in July. And one good thing about all the rain is that we don't have a water shortage any more. Most people are now allowed to use their hosepipes again... but with all this rain, they don't need to.

Disco king buried

The Bee Gees were a band most famous for their disco music, like Night Fever and Jive Talking. These songs were on the soundtrack for the disco film Saturday Night Fever in the 1970s and are still played a lot.
The Bee Gees also wrote many famous songs for other people. One song, How Deep Is Your Love, is most popular with 400 different versions. More than 2,500 artists have recorded songs by the band.
The band was made up of three brothers, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb. This week Robin's funeral was held in the UK, with older brother Barry -- who sang all the very high parts of their songs -- the only survivor. The Bee Gees went though a phase of being very unfashionable but there have been many tributes paid to the band in the last few weeks and their influence on pop music. They sold more than 200 million records round the world.

British Museum goes on the road

Some of the most priceless objects from the British Museum's collection are being sent on tour.
Small museums around the UK are getting special objects from the collection to display for a short time.  These include a 2,500 year old bronze Egyptian cat which is going to the island of Shetland off the far north of Scotland. A 13,000 year old carved ivory tusk of a swimming reindeer is going to an area in Derbyshire where people were making art at the same time, and a 2,000 year old bronze model of the founder of the Olympic games is going to the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, on the South Coast, next week.



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