This week's UK news: 6 July 2012
6 July 2012

It's official: the UK was wet in June. Very wet...

We apologise to anyone who was studying in the UK last month. Official statistics have now confirmed that the weather broke all records for being awful.

It was the wettest June since records began more than a hundred years ago. Britain had 5.7 inches (145.3mm) of rain in June, and just 119 hours of sunshine. This was the second lowest amount of sunshine since records began. And it was the coolest June since 1991.
In addition, it has been the wettest April to June on record, and the wettest April.

The official weather forecasting office, the Met Office, say the weather has been affected by the jet stream, westerly winds high in the atmosphere. The jet stream is in a slightly different place this year.

Woman sits exam in hospital -- and gets top marks

A Cambridge student has graduated with a first-class degree after sitting one of her final exams in a maternity ward a day after giving birth.

Isobel Cohen was still taking large amounts of painkillers when she sat the English paper in her hospital room, and her daughter Beatrice was in intensive care. Mrs Cohen was still in pain after a difficult birth and found it hard to sit down for three hours. She said that at the time it seemed a normal thing to do but looking back, it had been mad.

Bird steals the headlines at Wimbledon

You've probably heard of Federer and Djokovich, but have you heard of Rufus? After this week, Rufus is also a star of the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Rufus is a hawk, a bird of prey. His job is to scare away the pigeons from the courts every day, and stop them building nests. The problem is that Rufus was stolen from a car at the weekend, and disappeared for two days. He was found on Wimbledon Common, and returned to work later.

Wimbledon is not the only job Rufus has. He also patrols Westminster Abbey (he was very busy before the Royal Wedding last year) and several hospitals.

Formula 1 world champion says speed limits should be cut

Damon Hill, who used to drive at more than 200mph when he was a Formula 1 champion, says he finds it too stressful to drive at more than 70mph.

He is not happy about proposals for UK motorway speed limits to be raised to 80mph and says it would be better to make people drive more slowly. "I am a big fan of the 55mph speed limit. Most people aren't safe to drive over 55," he said.

Mr Hill said most people drove too fast on motorways and too close to the car in front. "They think they know what they're doing. And they don't."


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