This week's UK news: 20 July 2012
20 July 2012

Who pulled the plug on Bruce Springsteen?

This week Bruce Springsteen played an open-air concert in London's Hyde Park. At the end of the three-hour show, Paul McCartney joined the band on stage to play some Beatles classic songs. Springsteen said he had been waiting for this moment for 50 years.

But after they had played I Saw Her Standing There and Twist and Shout, the stage went silent. The microphones had been switched off. There has been a dispute since about who turned the sound off.

The concert promoters said the music was switched off because of a 10.30 curfew, but the local council said the organisers had done it.

Heavy rock musician dies

One of the founder members of famous 1970s band Deep Purple died this week. Jon Lord gave the band its distinctive organ-based sound, and co-wrote its most famous song, Smoke On The Water.

The band was one of several British "progressive" or "heavy" rock bands which influenced many other musicians and led to heavy metal.

Phone service stops for 24 hours

One of the UK's main mobile phone networks stopped working for 24 hours, affecting around 8 million customers. Customers on 02 found they could not make calls or send texts, and the problem carried on for around 24 hours. The problem may have been caused by a computer upgrade being made to prepare for the Olympics which went wrong.

The network may have to pay compensation to its customers.

Summer may be here at last

The weather has been horrible in the UK for the past three months. The problem has been caused by a weather system called the jet stream, which has been in the wrong place. We have had almost constant rain for the past six weeks, some of the wettest months on record, and floods.

Finally, it sounds like summer is coming. The weather forecast is good for the weekend and it is going to gradually get warmer next week.


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