This week's UK news: 7 September 2012
7 September 2012

Last weekend of London 2012

The Paralympics competition is entering its final weekend as the UK celebrates the success of Team GB, third in the medals table. Johnnie Peacock has become a new Paralympic star for his performance in the 100m sprint, where he came a convincing first in under ten seconds. Team GB also performed well in the wheelchair racing yesterday, with David Weir winning his third gold of the competition and Hannah Cockcroft her second.

It sounds as though the UK's Olympic and Paralympic athletes may win more than their medals. People who do well in something in the UK often get an "honour" from the Queen. This can either give them a title like Dame or Sir, or let them put letters after their name. The number of honours given each year is strictly controlled, and usually only one is given to sport. The Prime Minister has now announced that there will be a special honours list for Olympians and Paralympians.

Dr Who returns

The UK's favourite science-fiction TV series is back, with each episode being shown in the US as well.

Dr Who, which began on the UK's public broadcaster the BBC over 50 years ago, is about a time-travelling alien who likes Earth and often travels with British companions. The most famous baddies are the Daleks, which are bad-tempered metal monsters with eyes on stalks.

Each episode is now being produced as a self-standing film, and there will be a lot of excitement later in the year when the Doctor's current companions are replaced with a new character.

Museum highlights David Bowie

The British pop star David Bowie is the subject of a new exhibition opening at the Victoria and Albert museum in London next year.

The museum has been allowed into the musician's private collection had has chosen around 300 costumes, photos, designs, instruments and films for the show. It includes his famous Starman costume, which he wore when performing songs from the Ziggy Stardust almost for the first time. This performance was extraordinary, as Bowie looked like nothing that had been seen before. Fans will get a chance to see how surprisingly small the silk jumpsuit actually is.

The show, called David Bowie Is, will examine the impact of the musician on popular culture.

Huge new sculpture for North of England

You may have heard of the Angel of the North, which is a huge statue with aeroplane wings. This week, we have seen The Lady Of The North.

This is a huge creation of hills and paths which looks at first like gentle countryside. Then you realise that you are walking on a huge naked lady, with nose, lips, tummy and hips. The whole thing, called Northumberlandia, is only visible from above.


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