This week's UK news: 14 December 2012
14 December 2012

Britain uses more mobile web than anywhere else

New research shows that people in the UK use their smartphones and tablet computers to access the web more than any other developed country in the world.

Britain has even overtaken Japan in its use of mobile internet. The amount of data downloaded each month on to mobile devices is up 60 per cent on a year ago. Four out of ten adults use Facebook and Twitter on mobile devices - rising to six out of ten among 18-14 year olds.

British people are also the most likely in the world to watch TV online, and spend the most on internet shopping. Finally, when we watch TV at home, we like big screens. Almost a quarter of those sold early this year were "super large" and 12 per cent were "jumbo-sized".

What is Britain like in 2012?

Results of last year's Census, which asks questions of everyone living in England and Wales about their lives, have just been published. They show that for the first time, married people are in the minority, falling from just over half of the population ten years ago to 45 per cent now.

A quarter of people are single, and almost 12 per cent live with a partner. Almost 3 million people live in households where no adults speak English as a first language, and white British people are a minority in London for the the first time.

Man saves friend's life

A man who had a heart attack at work was saved when his 15-stone friend fell on top of him, restarting his heart.

Kevin Brockbank collapsed during a coffee break. His friend Martin Amriding reached out to grab his friend as he fell but was dragged on top of him as he fell. Mr Amriding landed on Mr Brockbank's chest and the impact restarted his heart. Ambulance staff who took Mr Brockbank to hospital realised what had happened.

"I felt awful when I fell on him because I thought I'd really hurt him - then I found out I'd actually saved his life," said Mr Amriding.

Old-fashioned names popular again

Lots of the babies born in 2012 have been given old-fashioned names similar to those in a popular television programme.

Downton Abbey is a show about a rich family and their servants in the early part of the 20th century. Names from the show which are now in the top 100 baby names include Violet, Isobel, Daisy, Matthew, Thomas and Tom. Others such as Cora, Edith and Mary have become more popular.

More babies have also been given Royal names, probably because of the Royal wedding last year and the Queen's Jubilee in 2012. These names include William, Henry, Edward, Arthur, Andrew, Zara and Elizabeth. Catherine is also more popular.


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